The interior and product designer

The Interior and Product Designer is a non-specialist creator proposing a vision of the art of living in one’s time. He works on environments considered globally and ranging from space to objects. In this capacity, he can provide design solutions continually in tune with the evolution of society. The term interior denotes a particular concern for the quality of the spaces and objects in our daily environment, their surfaces, forms, colours, textures, etc, whether these are actual interiors (the home, shops, services, public spaces, offices, displays, etc.) or aspects of the urban environment (public transport, urban furniture, exhibition design, mini-architecture). The Interior and Product Designer’s creations integrate the material (economic, technological), intellectual (scientific, sociological, ethical) and subjective (aesthetic, imaginary) considerations affecting our daily environment and its components.

Spheres of activity

The designer’s fields of intervention range from the home to public buildings and amenities and to the shared spaces of the urban environment (professional, industrial, retail, services, transport). Public efforts to rehabilitate our environmental heritage and the conversion of ancient buildings for cultural or service uses are opportunities for the designer to create new living spaces, a museum or exhibition space, and provide spatial solutions and products adapted to new uses. The integration of the notion of the urban environment into the concept of interior design has led to The Interior and Product Designer now playing a vital role in multidisciplinary teams designing urban furniture, signs and landscapes. This global, integrated approach to space and object is also an essential aspect of the role of artistic director.

The school aids graduates in their search for employment, passing on the many job offers it receives through its wide-ranging network, especially former Camondo students.