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The salon des Boiseries

This beautiful piece of architecture will allow you to admire a wonderfully crafted woodwork collection from the XVII and XVIII Centuries.

Amongst the most spectacular ones, according to size and origin, you can discover a giant carved gold frame, several panels from Parisian town houses, including place Vendôme, Palais-Royal, or the Saint-Germain-en-Laye Chapel, as well as from castles like Marly or Crecy. Two impressive Clodion statues invite you to watch the marvelous Tuileries garden.

Three large windows allow you to admire the view. In the central one, you can easily imagine a speaker or a scene.

On the other side of the room, you will find the beautiful Nave and its fine temporary exhibitions. From there you will have a principal access to the permanent collections and first, the beautiful Salon 1900 just on the garden side next to the Salon des Boiseries.

Finally, two side rooms (65m² each) have been created to suit your organization needs, including catering.

Total area 100 m2
Capacity Dinner 90 people
Cocktail 150 people

With the salon 1900:
Dinner 150 people
Cocktail 280 people

Availability Every days and evenings.

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The salon 1900

This surviving piece of art which comes from The « salon du Bois » produced for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, is one of the most beautiful artefact of the Arts Decoratifs museum. It was installed in 1905 in the Marsan pavilion and is representative of Georges Hoentschel’s Art Nouveau style.

This drawing room is ornate with Algerian sycamore woodwork, consisting of two portico and showcases for some Art Nouveau artefacts acquired by the Arts Decoratifs.

An embroidered hanging with pink bottomed hawthorns, designed by Adrien Karbowsky and a painting done by the painter Albert Besnard, “L’île heureuse”, inspired by “L’embarquement pour Cythère” by Watteau completes the effect.

Situated in the Marsan pavilion, this unique piece of art is perfect to host some high standard dinners.

Total area 70 m2
Capacity 60 people for a seated dinner

With the salon des Boiseries:
Dinner of 150 people

Availability days and evenings

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The Conference room

Situated in the basement of the Marsan pavilion, the Arts Decoratifs conference room is very comfortable and has a genuine architectural quality with walls and ceiling covered with a metallic wire netting and leather seats equipped with writing tablets.
It is possible to organise some press conferences, reunions, administration councils or else.

Another room is attached and available for workshops for between 20 to 30 people.

It is also possible to combine the renting of the Conference room with a private visit of the museum collections or the brand new exhibitions, moreover to organize a cocktail in the Marsan pavilion premises just below.

Capacity Conference room: 80 places - 80 m2
Reunion room: 30 places - 30 m2
Availability All days or evenings, except on Wednesdays and regarding the cultural schedule

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The hall Rohan

The Rohan hall is a monumental stairway, ideal for a cocktail after a private visit of the fashion, jewellery or publicity exhibitions galeries.

The theatrical design of this area offers interesting possibilities for staging a presentation or a speech.
A judicious use of lighting, projections and flowers can transform it into a simple or spectacular setting to suit a specific event.

Buffet and tables can be installed as required to use part or all of the available area.

Access to Les Arts Décoratifs’s exhibitions, with or without a guide, contributes to the success of events held there.

Total area 250 m2 on two levels
Capacity Cocktail: up to 300 people
Availability Mornings before 10.30 a.m. or evenings after or 6.00 P.M.(except Thursday). Monday

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The hall des Maréchaux

Ideally located with it’s own direct entrance 103 rue de Rivoli, this area over three levels can host a press exhibition, a product presentation, a cocktail or a dinner.

The hall on the ground floor (80 m2) is an immense volume under a soaring, 8m. high ceiling flooded with natural light.

The first floor (85m2) with a black and white checkered marble floor, columns and the wrought iron staircase give the venue great prestige and character and has a large window overlooking the garden of the carrousel.

The White room on the second floor (65m2) is perfect to create a little exhibition or presentation.

Total area 250 m2 on 3 levels
Capacity 30 people when the museum is open to the public
150/200 people when the museum is closed
Dinner 50 people
Availability Days and evenings

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The Nave

At the heart of the institution is a large vessel enlightened by some very original lights created by the architect Sylvain Dubuisson and the light conceptor Hervé Descottes. The walls are ornate with carved decorations and the floor is a wonderful mosaic with large floral volutes.

The side galleries of the nave are opened to the view of the rue de Rivoli and the Tuileries garden.

The permanent collections of the museum are presented on the three levels around the Nave and are visible through large windows.

The width and the beauty of the architecture and the rooms around make it a perfect place to organize a great reception, in between the exhibitions, or to hold some private visits.

Surface Nave 465 m2
Carrousel gallery 275 m2
Rivoli gallery 250 m2
Capacity Nave only:
dinner 400 people
cocktail 600 people

Nave and galleries:
diner 500 people
cocktail 1000 people

Caroussel gallery:
diner 180 people
cocktail 300 people

Disponibilités Not during temporary exhibitions and Wednesdays All day monday
Evenings on other days of the week

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