At the heart of the institution is a large vessel enlightened by some very original lights created by the architect Sylvain Dubuisson and the light conceptor Hervé Descottes. The walls are ornate with carved decorations and the floor is a wonderful mosaic with large floral volutes.

The side galleries of the nave are opened to the view of the rue de Rivoli and the Tuileries garden.

The permanent collections of the museum are presented on the three levels around the Nave and are visible through large windows.

The width and the beauty of the architecture and the rooms around make it a perfect place to organize a great reception, in between the exhibitions, or to hold some private visits.

Surface Nave 465 m2
Carrousel gallery 275 m2
Rivoli gallery 250 m2
Capacity Nave only:
dinner 400 people
cocktail 600 people

Nave and galleries:
diner 500 people
cocktail 1000 people

Caroussel gallery:
diner 180 people
cocktail 300 people

Disponibilités Not during temporary exhibitions and Wednesdays All day monday
Evenings on other days of the week