For young People

Some of these activities are run in English and German.

This department’s educational activities cater for young people from nursery school to the baccalaureate, in groups (schools, extracurricular activities, employee’s committees), individually (Wednesdays and Saturdays, Sundays and school holidays) or with their family. Discovery booklets will enable very young children to apprehend the museum through play activities.

Lecturers, historians, artists and fashion designers conduct these visits and activities with the aim of showing the museum’s heritage to the greatest number and to incite reflection and new interests in young visitors.

Various programmes cater for:

Free visits, guided tours, workshops, thematic visits, cultural classes, the Pac classes, the blue workshops, artistic workshops and lectures.

Thematic tours, workshops, birthdays, family tours and workshops.

Particular attention is paid to teachers at all levels of education and those responsible for groups of children with the dual aim of increasing knowledge of the museum’s collections and preparing the museum visit for the groups concerned.