Even before he founded his prestigious couture house, Christian Dior had set his heart on number 30 of Paris’ legendary Avenue Montaigne. He admired the understated elegance of this little townhouse “on the modest scale of [his] ambitious dream” and its 18th-century-style façade, dreaming of making it his own one day. His wish was granted, and he turned the illustrious address into

the symbol of his house, which he originally planned to be “small and secluded, with very few workrooms.” The immediate success of his designs and the international reputation that followed decided otherwise. 30 Avenue Montaigne has become one of the capital’s major attractions, drawing visitors who want to worship at the temple of good taste.

The birthplace of an endless line of magnificent creations, such as the Bar suit unveiled on the first floor there for the first time on February 12, 1947, the House of Dior was bustling with activity. Christian Dior loved the atmosphere of a humming hive that still characterizes all aspects of daily life at the House of Dior, from the Haute Couture ateliers to the design studio.