The story of the House of Sonia Rykiel begins in 1968, the year the company was founded and opened its first boutique in Paris’s Saint-Germain quarter. From the beginnig, Sonia Rykiel was a decade ahead of the gestures and attitudes which would later define the history of contemporary fashion.

She showed women how to create a style of their own. With bare-shouldered décolletage or whisper-light fabric her dresses teach the women who wear them to express their inner selves, the clothes becoming part of the wearer’s body. Sonia Rykiel loves to combine forms of expression: words, language, colors and fabrics interact, creating a world that is fresh and subtle.

The designer was an instant hit and has been a constant success ever since, thanks to her work with knitwear – especially her elegant, easy-to-wear pullovers. The rykiel silhouette is that of a woman who is actively involved in today’s world, able to blend elegance and fantasy thanks to chic, structured lines with just a touch of folly. A rykiel wardrobe is a definite lifestyle choice.

The exhibition reflects this philosophy and show the brand’s loyalty to its origins through some 100 silhouettes. The presentation is based on a series of modules that traverse the ages, merging the seasons without a rigid timeline.

The themes play on a combination of materials, collections, formal research and subtle references from the designer, while allowing plenty of space for recent creations by the new art director appointed in 2014, Julie de Libran.