With their birth in 1882, the MAD set themselves the motto and the objective to introduce the “beautiful into the useful ”, in fields as varied as: furniture, decorative objects, materials, jewels, ceramics, wallpapers, textile, fashion, posters, books, drawings… whether they are unique or industrialized objects and whatever the modes of design and production are. Thus, for more than one hundred years, they have constituted, enriched and preserved an exceptional inheritance, from the Middle Ages up to the present day.

The MAD exhibit, distribute, document and transmit this inheritance, educating and informing audiences of all ages and all social conditions. They train and encourage the future professionals of creation. The museums, the library, the research centers, the schools and workshops make them the laboratory of the style and taste of the various times. Within the framework of these missions, the MAD publish or co-publish documents related to their temporary exhibitions (catalogues or brochures) or to the permanent collections of the museums (albums, scientific works, guides).

The MAD is publishing and co-publishing nine books for the museum’s reopening. These publications explores the museum’s collections in a variety of manners and approaches and are aimed at the general public.