• Jobseekers and income support beneficiaries
• visitors under 26 from U.E, only for the Nave
• visitors using a holiday check to buy their tickets

Free admission

• visitors under 26 from U.E, except for the Nave
• disabled visitors and their carers
• the friends of the Arts Décoratifs
• shareholders, active members, benefactors of the Arts Décoratifs
• pupils of the Ecole Camondo
• teachers of the Ecole Camondo and pupils of the Ateliers du Carrousel
• pupils of the Ecole du Patrimoine
• pupils of the Ecole du Louvre
• ICOM, AICA, and press cardholders (on presentation of the card)
• personnel of the Ministry of culture and communication (valid for two people)
• tour guides from the Musées nationaux and the Caisse nationale des Monuments historiques et des Sites
• interMusées cardholders (on presentation of the card)