Terms and Organization

For each event, a hire agreement is drawn up between the operator and the MAD. A security document specifies the safety requirements and organisational constraints.

Some expenses are not included in the rental price:
• Organisational expenses (catering, decoration…)
• Museum personnel expenses (security agents, technical assistance, gardeners…)
• Tray meals for the museum personnel after 7pm
• Cleaning after the event.

An organisation plan of the event and a detailed review of the installations must be sent to the MAD at least one week before the event.

Any document, supporting communication or otherwise on which the name and address of the MAD appears must be submitted to the MAD for approval, for example, the invitation cards.

Any specific signalling used for the event must receive the MAD agreement.

No commercial activity is authorized inside the MAD.

The Arts Décoratifs public department offers quality guided visits in French, English or German which can be adapted for all public and company needs

The MAD many publications makes ideal presents to remember the event.