In 1994, Eric Morand, co-founder with DJ laurent Garnier, of the techno music label F Communication declared: “We give a French touch to house music.” the term ‘French touch’ came to designate a movement in French electronic music that became famous on the international scene, gradually extending to include the graphic designers, video producers and VJs involved with it. As a result, graphic design and music had never been as closely associated in France as they were between the early 1990s and the early 2000s, with electronic music forging its own visual identity.Often the collaboration between graphic designers and emerging independent labels was shaped by constraints and simple principles such as the absence of a photo budget, the musicians’ desire to remain anonymous, or the advent of Apple Macintosh and its easy-to-use graphic interface. This symbiosis of music, graphics and video was pushed to its limits by Daft Punk and their studio Daft Art. In order to recount this visual and musical story, the exhibition brings together album covers, video clips and flyers. The room dedicated to the creation of the imagery for the group Air is treated, with their collaboration, as an installation.

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