Eugène Barriol

Eugène Barriol
One of the leading interior decorators of his time, Eugène Barriol worked for a wealthy Parisian clientèle during the Third Republic, specialising in the dismantling and reinstallation of wood panelling from 18th-century mansions and châteaux. The museum has several drawings referring to his work.

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Eugène Barriol
Drawings of the panelling of the Hôtel Samuel Bernard, rue du Bac,which was reinstalled by the decorator in the hotel of the baron Edmond de Rothschild, 41 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.
The panelling was once more dismantled and reassembled in the Israël Museum of Jérusalem in 1969.
Ink on copy, inv. CD 5734-1
View of the lounge, place Vendôme before its dismantling
Photograph from the series « Les vieux hôtels de Paris », Paris, éd. Contet, Paris 1913. Board 58.

One of the consequences of the wholesale demolition in Paris during the Second Empire, notably due to Baron Haussmann’s reorganisation of the city, was an increasing awareness of both the commercial and historical value of ancient wood panelling decors. Antique dealers, interior decorators, collectors and museums fuelled this new interest.