Organisation of the decor

The decoration of this study is a fine example of the transposition of the Parisian and Versailles style in provincial France.

Each of the four walls has a tripartate composition. Above the wainscoting, a mirror (on two walls) or a door (on the two other walls) is framed by two parcloses, narrow vertical panels divided in two vertically by a central medallion decorated with figures painted in blue or pink monochrome on a gold ground. The ceiling is coffered (divided into panels) in the 17th-century French tradition.

In this Nicolas Pineau drawing, Project for panelling of a bedroom, musée des Arts décoratifs, inv. CD 1492, the various elements of which panelling is composed are clearly visible: low and high panelling, ledge, parclose (glass mountings), location either of the window, the door, or a mirror