The decoration of this drawing room comes from the so-called Hôtel de Talairac, built in 1783 by the Parisian master builder Giraud de Talairac in rue Neuve-des-Capucins in the Chaussée d’Antin quarter, then in full urban development. The most innovative architects of the time, Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, François Bélanger and Alexandre Brongniart, built mansions and apartment buildings for letting in this district, for a clientele ranging from ancient aristocratic families to financiers and courtesans, all sharing the same taste for novelty and refinement.

An astute entrepreneur, Giraud de Talairac bought a vacant plot in rue Neuve-de-Capucins, on which he built four houses, each with a three window-wide façade. All that now remains of these buildings is this drawing room, bequeathed to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs by its last owner, Adèle Denouille, in 1919.