Synonymous with tradition, tableware is subjected to new approches in the early 21st century. Based on new eating habits, it is, for the most innovative examples, created in association with chefs that put them into practice: Guy Savoy for Anne Xiradakis, Michel and Sébastien Bras for Élise Fouin. François Bauchet has surrounded himself with neurologists and the chef Pierre Gagnaire to consider the sensory perception of objects. These new pieces often call on the senses of touch and sight with new forms that are notched, wavy, compartmentalised.

In a highly original way, Max Lamb, who creates pieces from blocks of plaster that are sculpted and then moulded, emphasises the material and method of manufacture. Sebastian Bergne and Sophie Smallhorn have revived materials, introducing felt, metal, Corian, and wood in sculptural stacks.

This room will be closed from 11/11 to 10/12/2024 for the dismantling of the “Parcours Mode, design, bijoux” exhibition.

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