This section highlights the emergence of an awareness, a need to simultaneously redefine design, process, manufacture, circulation, and the use of objects in the context of the current climate change and ecological crisis. Concerned by overconsumption and the disappearance of natural resources, designers have revisited their practices and skills by using waste caused by human activity. In order to transform the ruins of our consumerist society, they explore the possibilities of recycling and upcycling. On the other hand, some designers use natural materials to avoid pollutants such as plastics, as they are committed to a responsible and ecological approach, in favour of biodiversity and local production. This process goes hand in hand with ethical and efficient production methods, to participate in a more global environmental solution, suitable for the world of tomorrow.

This room will be closed from 11/11 to 10/12/2024 for the dismantling of the “Parcours Mode, design, bijoux” exhibition.

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