Flaconnier-necessary, Paris, 1756-1762

Flaconnier-necessary, Paris, 1756-1762

Paper mache ; preparation ; black lacquer silvered with leaf and covered with green translucent lacquer, black lacquer with engraved horizontal stripes covered with transparent lacquer, decoration in varnished-polished oil paint; silver stitched on the edges; engraved silver mount; compartmentalized interior in papier-mâché lined with silk velvet, containing three crystal bottles (two large and one small), a perfume funnel, a pair of scissors, ivory plates riveted together and a mechanical pencil
H. 8; L.7; D. 4.1 cm
Donation subject to usufruct, Fernand René Javal, Antoinette Léa Aline Javal, 1937
Inv. 57970
© Les Arts Décoratifs / photo: Jean Tholance

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