Pietro Bussolo, “Figure of a prophet”, Lombardy, c. 1490

Pietro Bussolo, “Figure of a prophet”, Lombardy, c. 1490

Figure detached from an altarpiece
Polychrome linden wood
Gift of Jules Maciet, 1904
Inv. 11212
© Les Arts Décoratifs

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The prophet wears a long, loose-fitting blue tunic, sandals and a cloak bordered with foliage scrolls and dotted with cartouches that alternately frame the letters I. H. S. topped by a cross and the Pax symbol. He wears an oriental cap wrapped in a turban and his face is framed by a beard and mustache. He holds a long parchment scroll (phylactery) that coils around his cloak, and indicates the inscription it bears: “EGO SVM SEVM PATER TVVS NOLI TIMERE NON MORIERIS” (I am your Father, fear not, you shall not die; Gen. 26:24, Prophet Isaac ?).

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