The ceiling elements from Cremona, made by Bonifacio Bembo and decorated with portraits of young men and women, are the only set of its kind in France. The Italian chests (cassoni) that were often given as wedding presents were decorated with coats of arms and with paintings such as the battle and triumph scenes adorning the pair of cassoni commissioned in 1466 by the Rucellai and Medici families. This room also features works by the pupils of the greatest Italian masters: Maestro Della Pala Sforzesca (influenced by Leonardo da Vinci), the Master of the Holden Tondo (a follower of Filippino Lippi), Antonio da Pavia (from the circle of Andrea Mantegna in Mantua). Another interesting exhibit is a polychrome terracotta Virgin and Child by the school of Donatello.

This room will be closed from November 27 to December 6, 2023 for renovation.

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