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Current version: January 2018
First version of the site: 1995


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Director of publication

Sylvie Corréard, Managing Director of the MAD

Management Committee

Sylvie Corréard, Managing Director of the MAD
Olivier Gabet, Director of the MAD’s Museums
Stéphanie Rivoire, Director of the MAD’s Library
René-Jacques Mayer, Director of the Ecole Camondo
Olivier Hassler, Director of Communication

Design, integration, updates
Fabien Escalona, webmaster


The site was developed by the Communication Department, assisted by the Computer Department, in liaison with the Management Committee and all departments in the organization.

Photography credits The visuals on the site are the work of Laurent-Sully Jaulmes, Jean Tholance, Hugo Martens or Marc Walter for the photo library of the MAD, unless otherwise specified. If you wish to use a visual, please contact the photo


According to the Law dated March 11, 1957 (Article 41) and to the code of intellectual property dated July 1, 1992, the copying of all or part of this Web site for public or commercial purposes and without the MAD’s express permission is strictly forbidden. Besides, users may not modify, publish, translate, transmit, transfer data to any other third party, create derivative works or, in any way, exploit any of the content in whole or in part of the Web site without the MAD’s express permission.

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