Moïse de Camondo’s apartments

The apartments consist of a Bedroom, Bathroom and Dressing Room.

For his Bedroom, Moïse de Camondo chose wood paneling from a house on the Cours du Chapeau Rouge in Bordeaux. The alcove contains a bed dating from 1765-1775, with three carved and painted wood headboards. The walls are hung with genre scenes and portraits. The furniture includes several quality pieces: a pair of “fauteuil à la reine” armchairs by Georges Jacob; a marquetry chest of drawers stamped by Matthieu-Guillaume Cramer; a folding screen by Louis Falconnet. The Savonnerie carpet was delivered to the Royal Furniture Repository in 1760 “to serve the Ladies of France on feast days and Sundays in the chapel of Versailles.”

The decoration of the Bathroom is very modern, forming a striking contrast with that of the Bedroom. The walls are covered with blue and white ceramic tiles in a basketwork pattern.

The wood paneling in the Dressing Room is mahogany. This is where Moïse de Camondo’s manservant brought him his clothes for the day. The room is now devoted to the memory of the count, with portraits, photograph albums and archive documents recording his life, those of his children and the history of his collection.

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