Tapestry, the Fables of La Fontaine

Aubusson factory
ca. 1775-1780
Inv. CAM 114

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These six tapestries, framed by carved oak, are bordered by palm trees and garlands of flowers. They were woven in the workshop of de Menou. The images, on a blue ground, depict the following fables: “The Wolf, the Mother and her Child”; “The Lion in Love”; “Nothing in Excess”; “The Fish and the Shepherd Who Played the Flute”; “The Fox and the Stork”; “The Wolf and the Stork.” They came from the large drawing room of the College of Sorèze (in the Tarn region of France), a Jesuit College which was refurbished in 1776 when it became a military school. Moïse de Camondo bought them from the antiques dealer Jacques Seligmann.

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