The three Bathrooms are rather similar to those in luxury hotels, being functional rooms without decorative effects or luxury materials. The walls are covered in white tiles arranged in a cabochon pattern and a blue, green or yelllow frieze (depending on the apartment). The vaulted ceilings are varnished with Ripolin enamel paint.

The taps are nickel plated; the bath, foot bath and bidet are made of enameled sandstone – an innovation for a private home at that time. They were delivered in 1912 by the Kula Company. Until the early twentieth century, baths were made of enameled cast iron, and porcelain washbasins were mounted into wooden stands that were as beautifully ornate as pieces of drawing-room furniture.

The mansion contains nine English porcelain water closets fitted with a flush valve piston system called “silencieux” (“silent”).

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