Armand Albert Rateau (1882-1938), Jeanne Lanvin’s boudoir, France, 1925

Painted wood, silk
Gift of Prince Louis de Polignac, 1965
Inv. 39949
© Les Arts Décoratifs

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The boudoir was located between the terrace and the bedroom, from which it was separated by a mirror that could be covered by drapes if desired. The walls are covered with molded paneling, painted gray and embellished with gold; the baseboard is carved with a basketwork pattern. Next to engaged columns in Sienna marble are display cabinets and a glass door, topped by four low-relief panels in colored and gilded stucco fixed to a plate of glass, representing pheasants, squirrels, weasels and exotic birds around flowered bowls. The floor is covered with black and white marble slabs surrounded by a portor marble border matching the fireplace. The overall atmosphere of calm is conducive to contemplation of the objects in the display cabinets, which reflect Jeanne Lanvin’s many interests.

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