Steph Simon, the Galerie Rive Gauche

The arts and crafts engineer, Steph Simon (1902-1982), originally a commercial agent for l’Aluminium Français, opened his gallery in 1956 at 145, boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris. A real precursor in the promotion of modern furniture he created a design office there and attracted the most innovative designers of the time, such as Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé, to whom he gave projects for private and industrial design as well as the creation of exclusive models for the gallery.

He also circulated lights, including Serge Mouille’s spider lights, the paper lanterns of Isamu Noguchi and also ceramic by Georges Jouve and weaving by Simone Prouvé. Frequented by rare and elitist clients, the gallery, one of the most audacious of the time, nevertheless closed its doors in 1974.

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