Ceramics, glass and enamels from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century

This section presents a selection of ceramics, Venetian and Venetian-style glassware, champlevé and painted enamel, gold and silverware and decorative bronzes. Terracotta statuary is represented by a glazed terracotta Lamentation of Christ from the workshop of Benedetto Buglioni, made in Florence around 1520 and similar in style to those of Luca Della Robbia. The importance of lusterware production is illustrated by some beautiful Italian majolica and Hispano-Moorish earthenware pieces. Another display case contains examples of the champlevé enamel that was very fashionable until the late thirteenth century, alongside zoomorphic aquamaniles (water vessels) and liturgical objects. The collection of painted enamels includes plaques from dismembered polyptychs, pax (“Kiss of Peace”) boards, medallions, plates and triptychs by renowned enamelers from the Limousin region, such as Nardon Pénicaud, Jean Pénicaud I, the Master of the High Foreheads, Léonard Limosin, Pierre Reymond and Pierre Courtey. The glasses displayed here represent the production and innovations of the late fifteenth and the sixteenth century.

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