Four-part folding screen

Made by Jean-Baptiste Boulard, Master in 1754
Carved gilt beech
Inv. CAM 202
© MAD, Paris / photo: Jean Tholance

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The carved decoration features friezes of coin-like motifs, leaf-and-dart patterns, laurel leaves and sheaves of wheat. The gilt bronze hinges work both ways. The leaves of the screen are made of brocaded lampas silk with a polychrome decoration of pastoral scenes in appliqued medallions, created from sketches by Philippe de Lassalle (1723-1805). Thanks to the wheat-sheaf decoration on the panels, this screen has been identified as the one that was delivered in 1785 for Louis XVI’s games room at Versailles, together with thirty-six chairs and a fire screen. The chairs were carved by Nicolas François Vallois and ??? Vassale, but the screen was carved by Leroux, and the whole suite was gilded by Louis Chatard. The suite also included four corner cupboards delivered by Jean-Henri Riesener. It was dispersed during the French Revolution, but the Château de Versailles managed to recover several chairs (two of which are now in the Château de Chantilly). The fire screen is lost, however, and the folding screen is the one that Moïse de Camondo placed in the Salon des Huet.

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