This small room, also known as the “Salon Anglais,” gives onto the main courtyard. Its walls are covered with crimson silk; its furnishings are elegant. The remarkable oil sketches painted by Jean-Baptiste Oudry show various episodes from the Royal Hunts of Louis XV, reflecting Moïse de Camondo’s interest in that activity. They are accompanied by views of Venice by Francesco Guardi, and paintings of the Porte Saint-Denis and the Porte Saint-Martin in Paris, by Hubert Robert. A series of terracotta medallions by Jean-Baptiste Nini representing the profiles of eighteenth-century figures forms a striking portrait gallery. The cabinetwork furniture includes several masterpieces: a mechanical desk by RVLC and a “trough-shaped” sewing table stamped by Jean-Henri Riesener, who delivered it in 1788 for Queen Marie Antoinette’s “cabinet intérieur” (private apartment) at the Château de Saint-Cloud.

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