What is a vase? An object destined to present bouquets, but empty vases also have a formal and symbolic existence in space. In the common mind/imagination, other ideas emerge: Greek vases, archaic vases, canopic jars, expansion tanks, and connected containers…

Artists craft workers, designers, architects design containers to be produced in small or large series, sometimes numbered, never going beyond the stage of the prototype. They also make experimental pieces, rare and precious objects with a purely decorative or poetic value.

Some containers are aesthetic and technical propositions, built around a hollow, models evoking the idea of containing, others are more or less realistic representations of a containing vase, or one closed on itself.

Due to the exhibition “Dix ans / Design. 10 ans d’acquisitions du Cercle Design”, some works in this room may temporarily not be presented there. We apologize.

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