In a contemporary creation where humour and dissent become legitimate, games have become a growing field of creation for a new generation of designers. Accustomed to fantastical themes, the Spanish creator Jaime Hayon has designed an entire range of furniture in this domain. Handling derision with subtlety, he has solemnised a storage unit by giving it the shape of an Olympic podium.

Barbie Foot by Chloé Ruchon evokes feminist assertions by hijacking a game that is usually very masculine, table football (“baby-foot” in French), to give it a subversive interpretation with large fuschia pink Barbie dolls. Yorgos Tloupas, has appropriated winter sports equipment by anchoring it in concerns specific to the fashion world, by re-evaluating the graphic design and style of skis made by the brand Black Crows.

Due to the exhibition “Dix ans / Design. 10 ans d’acquisitions du Cercle Design”, some works in this room may temporarily not be presented there. We apologize.

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