The worldwide fame and multifaceted inventiveness of Philippe Starck should not make us forget the essential, his vision, which creation irrespective of the form it takes, makes life better to the most people. This is why he is one of the pioneers and one of the central figures of the concept of “democratic design”.

By applying his prolific work to all domains, the products of our daily life (furniture, citrus press, electric bicycle, individual wind turbine), from architecture (hotels, restaurants that aspire to be stimulating places) to naval engineering (mega yachts), he has continually pushed back the limits and criteria of design, becoming one of the most popular creators of the international contemporary scene.

From May 15 to July 11, 2023, this room will be closed for renovations.

Due to the exhibition “Dix ans / Design. 10 ans d’acquisitions du Cercle Design”, some works in this room may temporarily not be presented there. We apologize.

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